April 15, 2013

  • Both Silver AND Gold are at unprecedented lows right now.  This manipulation of the paper precious metals market cannot, and will not, last forever.  In other words, precious metals are ON SALE, BUYBUYBUY!!

February 27, 2013

February 20, 2013

  • On February 22nd 2012, I became a full time employee at two jobs in order to purchase as many American Silver Eagle coins as possible.  I did this because I discovered a gentlemen who earned a 600% return on investment by literally betting his house on precious metals and oil at the top of the housing bubble in 2005, you can read about it *here*.  I am convinced that, outside of food, fuel, and real world skills, that there is no better investment opportunity than the precious metals.  In that timeframe, I have successfully acquired over 200 ounces of the white metal as an investment vehicle for long-term wealth.

    This blog is a means of documenting my financial progress, and to keep me motivated in living a frugal, healthy lifestyle backed by solid investment decisions.  It is also my way of demonstrating that there is no reason why ‘silverbugs’ should feel as if we need to be secretive about our hobby.  All fiat currencies end with hyperinflation and the mathematically inevitable destruction of the note. 

    If you have stocks, bonds, annuity, Social Security, Traditional or Roth IRA, 401k, or any long term savings plan or pension, consider the possibility of your wealth, your retirement savings, being wiped out right from underneath your nose.

    “I believe that we should maintain the principles of Social Security, but I think the existing structure is not working. Until we construct a system that creates the savings that are required to build the REAL assets, so that the retirees have REAL goods and services. We don’t have a system that is working. We have one that basically moves cash around and we can guarantee cash benefits as far out and whatever size you like, but we cannot guarantee their purchasing power.” -Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan

March 7, 2010

September 4, 2009

  • New haircut!

    I got a mohawk!! 

    This was sort of a gift to myself and Lia for our 2 month anniversary.  She digs mohawks, and I simply hated waking up with bedhair, so this worked out great for the both of us.  I love it, it looks and feels great.

    Later on tonight we watched The Final Destination!  I still think they shoulda called it Final Destination 4.  It was great, much better than Final Destination 3.

    I saw someone with a Xanga t-shirt today while I was driving around the University of Michigan campus, I wanted to stop and chat but traffic and no parking made that impossible.

August 21, 2009

  • Earlier on this summer, I made it a quest of mine to really get my act together and get into good physical shape.  By the end of the spring semester, I had a great body and was in the habit of eating healthy every day.  Then, I moved back to Ann Arbor and suffered for a bit while I found a place to stay and a job, so I didnt have much time to work out.  Let alone, I didnt have the convenience of living across the street from the gym the way that I did in Flint.  But now that I have a temporary residence and access to healthy food options, I’m making it my goal to get ripped again, for the sake of my health and for my sweetheart <3.

    It’ll be even better during the schoolyear because I have breaks inbetween classes that give me lots of time to go to the on-campus gym, which is a great gym.  And the cafeteria DOES serve plenty of healthy food options.  That’s another thing that I want to make a habit of this year, getting a good breakfast in the morning to start off my day.  I plan on doing extra-well in classes this semester, so in order to do that I’ll need my brain-food.  I’m going to only work at Little Caesars on the weekends during the schoolyear (and my manager had better not complain about it, because weekends have been all they’ve assigned me to do all summer long, so during the week I’ve got other things to do during the schoolyear), but during the week hopefully I can get a few hours a week working at the dorm dining hall since that’s where I’ll be living.  Do work, get paid.

    Whoever said “Mo’ money, mo’ problems” must’ve been either a)  off of their rocker, or b)   someone who didnt enjoy paying rich-people taxes.  I would love to be rich.

August 17, 2009

  • *whew*, I had a G-R-E-A-T 2 month break from Xanga.com.  A ton of great things have gone on in my life since I’ve left, infact my life is better than it’s ever been before!  Unfortunately, I’m going to have to significantly cut down the number of subscriptions that I used to read.  I just dont have time to keep up anymore, so I’m going to cut down to the few who still read and comment on my blog entries.  I had made a few blog entries since my last visit, but I chose not to publish them until after I came back from my break.

    I am glad to be back, I missed everyone!

    Edit:  Here are the Xanga entries that I wrote while I was on break.

    20th Birthday

    Birthday Party
    AFI Concert
    “Good Luck” w/ Lia <3

    BTW, I deleted all of my subscriptions, and so the people who express an active interest in my blog are the people who I will add back.  I cant handle 132 subscriptions lol.

July 4, 2009

  • Good Luck

    Life has been better than ever.  I am living with a friend from school for the rest of the summer, staying here in Ann Arbor.  It’s fantastic, rent is cheap and utilities are all paid for, the room already had plenty of furniture from the previous tenant and it’s a great location.  The house itself is very nice and spacious, albeit dirty since my friend doesnt like to clean up, but at least I keep my living areas clean.  Once I got settled in I started applying for jobs, which didnt take too long since the local Little Caesars saw that I already had previous work experience there so they set up an interview with me on the spot.  I’m going in for a second interview on Monday, but I’m 100% certain that I already have a job since they’ve already got me scheduled for training on Wednesday, which is when I start making the bling.  I’m scraping the bottle of the barrel right now, I need moneys.

    Living with Colin has been great.  He’s a really nice guy and doesnt seem at all bothered by the fact that I havent payed rent yet, I make up for it by cleaning up around the house whenever I can (hard to make progress when a new mess always replaces the old mess, but I am NOT complaining).  It’s really cool living with him though, he vapes me down all the time and doesnt expect me to pay for it, and he plays Halo all of the time and I join in every once in a while.  It’s done good things for my social life as well, since Colin has alot of friends and I can meet alot of people that way purely due to the fact that I live in the house.

    We had a funny exchange the other day.  I had gotten back from my interview at Little Caesars, it was dark when I unlocked the back door to the kitchen and walked in and turned on the lights.  There was a moped parked there.  I went to the living room and was like “Colin, why is there a moped just chillin in the kitchen?” to which he replied “Eh, these things happen sometimes”.

    On Friday morning I helped move a few pieces of furniture for Lia’s dad since he’s moving into a new apartment.  They didnt want to have to rent a truck, and since I have mine with me it was no problem at all for me to help.  Easy as pie, and he gave Lia some money for us to grab some lunch, which is good because I’m broke.  We went to Espresso Royale and ordered Jasmine tea; she got vegan zuchini bread while I got banana bread.  I wasn’t keeping track of time, but we had a great time enjoying each others’ company and just chatting about stuff that was important to us.  Gay rights, gender identity, breaking down stereotypes, music that we enjoyed, books that we liked reading.  I see eye-to-eye with her on so many topics.  I dropped her off while I finished setting up my room and moving stuff into storage.  Before I left, I asked Colin if I could borrow some money, he asked what it was for and I let him know that I was going on a date.  He said “Good luck”, to which I replied “It’s not luck”.  Later on that night I picked Lia up to go out on a date.

    She looked drop-dead gorgeous in her outfit, she did her hair and wore a very sexy dress shirt.  We went to eat at Earthen Jar, a vegan-friendly restaurant since she’s vegan.  Food was great as expected, I need to work on my eating habits, I’m a sloppy eater.  Afterwards we wandered around downtown Ann Arbor, if I remember correctly the next thing that we did was go to Pangea Piercing studios, where she got her ears re-pierced with a very lovely pair of earrings.  I held her hand incase she needed something to squeeze onto, which she didnt need to do because the piercer informed us that tensing up would cause it to hurt more.  Before he went through with the operation, I wished Lia “Good luck”, to which he responded “There is no luck involved.”  We’ve decided that we’ll make another date there when they check on how her ears are adapting to the new piercings, and on that day I’ll get my lip pierced.  It was sorta funny because the owner of the studio was pissed off that day because apparently clove cigarettes were banned in all public establishments, the entire time we were there he was ranting and raving to whoever would listen.  This guy went on and on and just would not stop.  Definately a smart guy, there’s just only so much listening I can take though.

    Afterwards we walked around downtown Ann Arbor a little bit more and looked at a few art galleries and stopped by a bookstore where we looked through all of the books and chatted more.  We came up with another date idea in which we go to the local library and recommend a book for each other to read.  It’s worth noting that while we were there I recommended that she flip through the simple yet classic children’s book “The Missing Piece” by Shel Silverstein.  If you havent read that book (and it’s sequel), you most definately should.  There was a small cafe in the upstairs of the bookstore and we shared a vegan ding-dong, which was absolutely delicious and much better than a regular Hostess ding-dong.  We got lost in conversation a bit more and when we were finished with our dessert I asked Lia if she wanted to be my “Missing Piece”, to which she accepted.

    I had spent the last of my money on the ding-dong, but I made the suggestion that we go dancing at Necto.  Friday nights at Necto are gay pride nights, which means that a majority of the people dancing are gay, but since Lia and I were already a couple at that point and since we both love gay pride we both were excited to go dancing that night and it wouldnt have felt awkward at all.  Unfortunately neither of us had enough money for the both of us to get in, haha.  We ended up just going back to my house.

    We went up to my room and I showed her a computer game, but that’s irrelevant.  We sat down on my loveseat and spent an undeterminable amount of time kissing and cuddling.  Neither of us have had an actual relationship up to that point.  I felt what love was like for the first time, I realize now that any and all attractions that I felt towards women up until that point in my life had only been lust.  Nothing could compare to what I felt right then and there, it felt like universal peace.  Nothing else mattered.  She told me how glad she was that Necto didnt let us in and that we did this instead.  I agreed and we laughed about the absurd entrance fees and clothing requirements, but then we decided that we would try to go again on Monday night.

    I love Lia, and I wont let anything bad ever happen to her.  She is so special to me, one-of-a-kind.  She doesnt have absurd relationship requirements, she and I both agree that height and skin color requirements are immature and shouldnt be relevant whatsoever.  She appreciates the little things that I do for her, like when I hold open doors and my attempts at being a gentleman.  And as evidenced, she understands that I’m short on cash at the moment, and that doesnt matter to her.  Our relationship happened so naturally that there was no effort involved, I now realize what having a girlfriend and being in love is like.

    Today, I’m getting a few friends together to have a cookout at my place.  I’m about to go pick up some vegan hamburgers to grill for my girlfriend.  The fact that Lia will be there is better than any 4th-of-July fireworks that money can buy.

June 21, 2009

  • On Saturday, my friend Lia and I went to Toronto, Canada to attend Edgefest ’09 and see AFI.  We left at noon and made the 4.5 hour drive to Toronto and arrived right-on time for us to see Alexisonfire (another band that she is a fan of) and AFI (the reason why we both came).

    My beautiful friend Lia.  We listened to AFI the entire trip there and back.

    Crossing the bridge into Canada.  Customs gave us a little bit of trouble, but nothing we couldnt handle.

    We met up and hung out with other AFI fans.

    Lia and I were both very muddy and sweaty after the show, but she still looked absolutely fabulous!

    It was raining all day that day.  As we were leaving the venue, we helped a car get unstuck from the mud.  It took all of us!  Notice Graham on the far left, he’s silly =P

    We got on the subway to downtown Toronto

    We ate sushi!  Graham’s hiding from the camera again.

    Afterwards we went to a bar.  A few members of our group, including Lia, live a “straight edge” lifestyle, meaning that they dont partake in recreational drug useage.  I deeply respect her strong will against succumbing to peer pressure, and that she lives this way without looking down upon those who choose to live otherwise.

    This trip was by far the most fun I’ve had since I moved to Michigan.  I made a ton of new friends and memories that I will never forget.  We disbanded that night, knowing full and well that there was a connection between all of us that could only exist through our love of AFI.